Life is always fair!

Hello my friend,

Time for philosophical cerebrations. Logically presented, nevertheless they are just my opinions. Makes perfect sense to me ….. however, you may have a different take on the subject. Isn’t that what makes life beautiful?

To quote Napoleon Hill, “Thoughts are things.” What is the science behind that statement? Where does a thought from? It could be triggered by an event that is perceived by one of our five senses. Or, it could be triggered by a memory. Thirdly, it could be a creative thought, like they say …. from the Universe. Associated with every thought are neurotransmitters and hormones …….  natural brain and body chemicals that are released by nerve cells and other cells. Chemicals are “things”. So …… thoughts are things.

Stressful thoughts release natural chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline that, in excess, can hurt the body. Oh yes, we need cortisol and adrenaline for fight-flight-fright situations. They give us almost superhuman power to react to stressful situations. But if we get into that “hyper” mode at all times, that can create effects like lowered immunity, high blood pressure, increased abdominal fat leading to cardiovascular problems, diabetes, thyroid problems and decreased bone density.

Here’s the problem. In modern society, we live busy lives. As we live our hectic lives, our stress levels are at a constant high, at least moderately high ….. like, we have redefined what normal stress should be.

A majority of stress comes from our judging our own circumstances and others’. We believe that we deserve certain events in our lives. And we want certain events to happen to others, and certain other events not to happen to others. Why? Because we have our own perspective on what we deserve and what others deserve. When we believe we are “good” and yet these “bad” things happen to us. And when we believe someone else has been “bad” and yet “good” things happen to them.

If an individual has good fortune in any area of life, it is because of certain virtues they possess. Let’s take a simple example. Say, a person works hard and smart and becomes a billionaire (millionaire doesn’t cut it anymore, huh?). It’s basic cause and effect. The cause was good work, and the result was good rewards. In another area of life, the same person eats unwisely, does not exercise and suffers ill-health. Here, the cause was bad food and bad lifestyle and the effect was ill-health. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Let’s extend it. Say, the same person in the example above is not ever charitable. Not charitable with his money, his actions or his words. In fact, he is incredibly rude and even cruel to his employees. We are disgusted by his bad character. We start gossiping about him. Somehow, the story comes down to the fact that he is a horribly bad man and yet the Universe rewards him with good fortune. No, we got it all wrong. His good fortune results from his hard work.

On the other hand, we look at ourselves and see that we are good people. We are kind to our employees, we give to charity and so on. And yet, we are not as rich as the person above. So we come to the erroneous conclusion that our goodness is not being rewarded.

That is not the case at all. Every event in our life is perfectly fair. Every event in everyone’s life is perfectly fair. Does that give us an excuse to be not sympathetic to the troubles that our fellow humans go through? Certainly not. When we share others’ griefs, when we help people face their challenges, we are thinking charitable thoughts, we are doing charitable deeds, and that builds our own character. Good, strong character builds peace in our hearts. Scientifically, that means we develop neurochemical patterns in our brains and bodies that are beneficial to us.

I’m sure a thought must have come to your mind – yes, it’s come to my mind too. Am I saying that it is fair that a child is born in wonderful circumstances and another child is born into misfortune? I cannot make a cruel statement. I do not know the exact reason why one child was placed in the first situation and the other child in the second. Let’s send that question out to the Universe. What I am totally convinced of is that the Universe is in perfect order. We might not be able to see the order, but underlying what could be considered chaos, is a perfect world that works like clockwork. We might not know why the past was, but we can do all that we can to manifest a wonderful future.

Take the example of Oprah Winfrey. Born to a poor, teenage single mother in rural Mississippi, Oprah suffered through many struggles. In spite of her difficult beginnings, she decided to make something of herself. She started her career in a radio station. She then became a local TV co-anchor, and gradually grew to be a brilliantly successful media personality, one of the most influential people on the planet. Oprah is a role model not because of her troubled beginnings, but because she was an overcomer.

Can we assume that there is someone out there who shares Oprah’s birth day and was born in better circumstances? Is it possible that they are not as successful as Oprah? Is it possible that there is someone who was born with a silver spoon and became a total failure in life? You bet.

As we move forward into an awesome future, will there be obstacles? Absolutely. My belief is that the obstacles are the means by which we build the qualities to manifest the magnificence of our future. The heavier the weights we lift, the greater the resistance. The greater the resistance, the more the muscles build. Similarly, the heavier the obstacles in our path to our goals, the more we build mental muscle and character muscle.

The faster we move into the future, the more the obstacles. Another analogy will explain what I mean. If your car is parked in the driveway, and you put your hand out of the window, do you feel the wind? (I’m assuming a non-windy day). Take the car out on a drive through city streets at 25 miles an hour. Do you feel a gentle breeze? Yes. Take the exit onto the highway. You’re now driving at 65 mph. That’s quite a wind, isn’t it?

Obstacles and difficulties are part of the beautiful framework of the perfect Universe. However unfair it might seem, there is a purpose for every event in our lives.

What was the purpose of this philosophical treatise? Just this. When we develop an underlying belief that everything is fair in our world, we stop trying to be the manager of the world. We stop wasting our thoughts on wishing others ill. We stop frustrating ourselves with righteous indignation.

We learn to accept what we have, and we work calmly toward even better, in a spirit of inspirational dissatisfaction or divine discontent. We accept the truth of the Serenity Prayer, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

As we increasingly manifest this wisdom in our being, our health keeps improving. Isn’t that good?

Do take care of yourself and your health. Until next month, G’bye!

Your friend,

Dr. Ajit Damodaran


One Response to “Life is always fair!”

  1. Doug Poynter Says:

    Excellent blog post AJ! I love it!

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